• How to make sure those daily housework chores do not result in back pain

    ​Whether you have help with your housework or do everything yourself, there will be routine tasks that you simply cannot avoid that will put your back at risk if not done with care. Household chores work your body in many different ways and can be a useful workout. Carrying laundry up and down the stairs, twisting and turning when using the vacuum cleaner; stretching to dust on top of the furniture, and picking up items from the floor and tidying them away to their rightful place.

  • Top Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart

    February marked The British Heart Foundation’s Heart Month, an annual event designed to raise awareness of heart disease and increase funds for research into heart disease treatment. Eating right, exercising and moving around, stressing less and taking care of your general well being are all factors that influence a healthy heart.

  • Can Osteopathy Help To Reduce Symptoms of Stress?

    Being stressed, overworked or overtired are common experiences for people of today’s fast-paced world. You may find that when you are stressed, the symptoms manifest themselves physically and you begin to suffer from tightness and pain in the neck, shoulders and/or upper back. We know that stress can play a major role in causing discomfort and fatigue in our muscles and body, but many of us don’t know why it causes pain and don’t seek relief when in fact they could.

  • Does Your Child Spend Too Much Time On Their Mobile Device?

    With children spending around 17 hours per week in front of a screen and only 8 hours per week playing outdoors, more and more children are now experiencing muscle fatigue, disc and joint damage and poor posture. We explain how osteopathy can help.

  • What is the Difference Between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy?

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