The Solihull Osteopathic Practice Blog: 2017 in Review

As 2018 begins, we look back at eight of our most memorable blogs from the past twelve months.


  1. Back in January we looked at how being stressed, overworked or overtired are common experiences for people of today’s fast-paced world, and how osteopathy can help to reduce the symptoms of stress.


  1. In March we asked if routine strenuous housekeeping tasks are putting our backs at risk, and advised our readers on how to make sure those daily housework chores do not result in back pain.

  1. The knee is a crucial mechanism for support and movement. However, this makes the knee the most frequently injured of joints in the body, leaving the majority of us to experience knee pain at some point in our lives. In April, we asked is your knee pain actually caused by a knee problem?


  1. As the summer arrived we looked at the many gardening tasks that involve reaching, twisting and bending with heavy tools, and the effect these movements can have on the lower back. Here’s some advice we offered on preventing lower back pain when gardening that could help out.


  1. Arthritis sufferers will know how painful the condition can be, and will often do whatever they can to help alleviate symptoms. In June we spoke about the ways that Osteopathy can help Arthritis sufferers to cope with this debilitating condition.


  1. In August we covered the interesting and much debated issue of extreme migraines that can cause severe pain behind the eyes, they can come in many shapes and sizes and at times be very disabling. How Osteopathy Can Help Cervicogenic Headaches

cervicogenic headaches


  1. September saw the start of the season for thousands of sports enthusiasts who enjoy playing football, rugby, hockey and a host of other team sports. To help them to a successful campaign, we advised on how osteopathy can provide an excellent method of injury prevention for Sportspeople.



  1. Winter arrives with plenty of positives, from Christmas cheer and time off work to festive feasts! But the cold weather can also be a big problem for those suffering with joint pain, so we shared some top tips on alleviating winter aches and pains.


So here we are in the first weeks of the year and all that’s left to do is wish all of our patients a prosperous and pain free 2018!


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