What causes muscle spasm and how can Osteopathy help?

Muscle spasm is a common and painful condition caused by uncontrolled nerve impulses that prompt muscles to contract aggressively.

This complaint most often occurs when the body detects real or perceived damage in a particular area and aims to protect that region by seizing up and not allowing any movement that could cause additional harm.

muscle spasm

As such, muscles spasms often begin in response to damage from various other medical conditions including arthritis, slipped disk, muscle tension, whiplash and trapped nerves. The symptoms of muscle spasm usually include:

  • Pulsating and often severe pain in the affected area.
  • A feeling of increased tightness/hardness in the area
  • Inability to move affected region effectively

Please note that muscle spasm should not be confused with muscle cramps, which tend to occur as a side effect of exercise, dehydration or a mineral deficiency

How will an Osteopath treat muscle spasm?

Primarily an Osteopath will perform a full examination of a patient and look to establish the cause of the spasm(s). Where it is appropriate to do so, the Osteopath will then outline a plan of treatment designed to relieve the symptoms and improve the generally function of the affected area.

Once an initial treatment has been agreed, the Osteopath with administer a gentle treatment that, over one or more sessions, will look to mobilise the area of discomfort, balance body mechanics and sooth the muscle structure causing the symptoms. Ultimately, the aim of this procedure is to reduce pain in the affected area, but also to prevent a re-occurrence of any such issues.

At Solihull Osteopathic Practice we believe that relief from muscle spasms can be achieved by careful diagnosis and a clear plan of holistic treatment. To find out more about how we can help, please call our friendly team on 0121 705 4499.