Your first visit

Your first visit to us will be longer than a normal treatment session – between 45 minutes and one hour. We’ll take details of your complaint of course, but we’ll also take a full medical history and ask you about previous occurrences.

There’ll be a physical examination and normally the osteopath will ask you to remove some of your clothing and perform a simple series of movements so we can note your mobility and points of weakness. We may also ask you about diet and lifestyle. At this point we’ll have a pretty good idea of how we can help.

Or if we can’t; from time to time we come across someone who we feel won’t benefit from osteopathy and it’s important to be frank and say so. But if you’re one of the majority whom we can help we’ll discuss a treatment plan, answer your questions, address your concerns.

As we said before, it is hugely important to find the approach that suits you, that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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