Welcome, where does it hurt?

It seems pretty safe to assume that you’re visiting this website because you have some pain or discomfort, or perhaps someone close to you does.

You may actually be looking for an osteopath or perhaps you’re still wondering whether osteopathy can actually help you.

Osteopathy is a very personal form of treatment and because practitioners differ in approach and personality, we think it’s really important that you feel confidence in and comfortable with the person who’s using his or her hands to treat you.

Our osteopaths have completed a 4 year full-time degree course in osteopathy and are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. We offer both male and female practitioners, who have 32 years combined experience.

Osteopathy is safe and effective for all ages and can help a wide range of conditions such as aches and pains, sprains, dance or sports related injuries and problems with posture. Whether you are looking for treatment for back or neck pain, help to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, or something to soothe your windy or sleep disturbed baby, then we hope you find this site helpful.

On this site we aim to offer useful information without overloading you with technical stuff and we’ll try to give you an idea of our approach so you feel comfortable enough to call us and arrange a first visit.

I hope you find it helpful, please click on the tabs at the left.

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Jeremy James B.Sc (Ost)
Registered Osteopath