I have been visiting Tessa for a few months now (I used to suffer with chronic back pain from an injury and imbalances/PTSD). My pain was so bad I was often in tears (as a young girl at 26 I was so frustrated and felt hopeless). After just 1 or 2 sessions with Tessa my back started to feel a lot better and now 90% of days are pain free! I thought a pain free life was so far away until I visited here and I’m confident I will just keep getting better from here with more spaced out appointments. Can not recommend enough, thank you Tessa!
Rose Davis
July 2022

I visited the clinic with my 9 month old son as he had a very fast traumatic delivery. He was very unsettled from birth, suffered from reoccurring congestion and I just felt that something wasn’t right with him. I attended the clinic and he received excellent care and treatment from Francesco.
Francesco listened carefully to everything I had to say. He assessed my son and treated him. As fast as the afternoon following the treatment my son’s chest and nose began to clear, clearning completely on day two. In the days following the treatment he developed skills that he had never attempted before. He was previously standing with support but couldn’t crawl (now crawling) and seemed restricted. He also began sleeping better, sat in his highchair more comfortably, and played on the floor more peacefully. He generally moved with much more ease and enjoyment.
Today he had his second treatment. He has been like a different baby. So calm and happy and even more flexible, shocking us with his ability to move.
I can’t reccomend Francesco enough. I know he has made my son a happy baby through his treatments.

Christina McLaghlin

June 2022

I took my baby to see Francesco for cranial osteopathy after a difficult birth. He took an in depth history and listened to all my concerns before doing a careful and very gentle examination. We noticed a big improvement even after one session, she was more settled and her digestion was much better. We saw Francesco for a few follow-up appointments and each time he was friendly, knowledgeable and took very good care with my baby. We continued to see an improvement and she is a much happier baby now. I would definitely recommend cranial osteopathy to anyone considering it for their baby and especially a session with Francesco.

Flo Cole

May 2022

We started seeing Francesco following a recommendation for the practice for cranial therapy for our baby. Our little one was unsettled and slept terribly having had a traumatic birth. We have been seeing Francesco for several months and our little one is more settled not on colief or reflux medication any more and the sleep has drastically improved! Cannot recommend enough!

Rebecca Storer

May 2022

Me and my son who is now 8 months have visited Steph here several times. He has reflux and tongue tie and after precious failed tongue tie divisions it was Suggested I find a new osteopath as we was using a different one which was local to us.

I spoke to Jeremy on the phone about tongue tie and he was incredibly knowledgable about it and put my mind at ease. I booked in to see Steph and instantly the difference between her and our previous osteopath was night and day. She was able to tell me where the tension was and most importantly pointed out a bone that was connected to the tongue which was tight. The previous osteopath never once picked up or worked on him like Steph did.

I felt Steph did a really through consultation and worked out his tension all over and especially around the tongue area.

Follow up sessions have been so useful and have worked very well. During our session today Steph released tension and my boy was able to poke his tongue out for the first time!

Not only that she is amazing with him, very caring and clearly passionate and knowledgeable. The only downside was I wish I found her earlier! We travel 50 mins and it’s worth it every time.

Thank you so much.

Emma Perry

May 2022

I had a back injury and due to appointment scheduling saw four practitioners over a two week period, Jeremy, Steph, Tessa and Joe. Each one was excellent, very knowledgeable of my problem, professional and caring. I am much improved and have an exercise programme to support my recovery. I would highly recommend this Osteopathic Practice.

Anne Toms

February 2022

We have been working with Francesco since my daughter was 8/9 weeks old. She was born early with slow weight gain and a posterior tongue tie which was not detected until she was about 6 weeks. Before working with Francesco, her latch was weak, she was very refluxy and would posset after most of her feeds.

Since we’ve been working with Francesco, she has gained over 2lbs in a matter of weeks, her latch is incredibly improved and she is no longer vomiting after feeds. She is better at lying down on her back and the car seat which was a source of incredible discomfort for her doesn’t seem to bother her as much! He has really helped our daughter in all areas and I cannot recommend him and the practice enough. Cranial osteopathy is a must when you have a new baby and I urge others to visit early.

Midwives and health visitors from the NHS aren’t able to directly recommend cranial osteopathy but all agree it is a very worthwhile service and Solihull osteopathic practice is the best in my opinion.

Manpreet Sandhu

February 2022

We started seeing Francesco when my baby boy was just 6 weeks old. My little boy (who had just had a tongue tie division) was so unsettled, crying all the time, unable to relax and terribly sick after feeds. All signs of reflux. Francesco worked some magic and even after the first session my baby was like a different child. He is now relaxed, sleeping better and no sickness. Absolutely AMAZING work they do. Happy baby, happy mummy ! Thank you so much Francesco! Highly recommend this to anyone.

Mary Welsh

January 2022

I have been going to see Jeremy for a number of years mainly for migraines but due to the pandemic I had long break  (Jeremy was open, it was my choice) from treatment, the result of which was an almost weekly migraine ,since returning for treatment I have been transformed  I would highly recommend the Practice, it is in a lovely building which is relaxing and gets you into the right frame of mind and with friendly staff. The ability to book online and pay online is also very helpful.

James wells

January 2022

I’ve been visiting Francesco at the practice since mid-October now and overall it has really improved both my physical and mental health. I was suffering from upper back pain and tension in my neck and we’ve been able to talk through what the issues are (for me it’s been a terrible work set up while at home which won’t be unheard of I’m sure!) and put in practical solutions and exercises that have got me back to feeling myself again. The clinic is really welcoming and you can tell that there’s a good energy as soon as you walk in the door.

If you’re wondering whether a visit is worth it, I assure you it really is….so you can not only get the pain relief you need, but to also work through the long-term issues to keep the pain at bay!

Laura Dudley

Solihull, January 2022

Stephanie has done a tremendous Job with my posture and with the stretching and exercises I’ve been performing. Thank you!

Emily Young   

Solihull, January 2022 

I have been seeing Joe for a shoulder injury. Just to say, this man is a miracle worker. He has made such a difference. I Can now use my shoulder whereas before it was problematic. Thank you Joe 😊 No pain now.

Sandra Brown

November 2021

I am a professional squash player and I visited Jeremy due to posterior chain tightness and in specific my lower back. Jeremy is extremely friendly, and his experience and knowledge is reflected by the looseness I felt in my body after the session. I highly recommend this practice.

Hassan Khalil

November 2021

Jeremy and his team are fantastic! He has worked miracles with all three of my babies over the years. After four treatments they were calm and happy and slept through the night. You can’t put a price on that! Jeremy has also successfully treated me for sciatica and shoulder pain and recommended an exercise programme for my father who suffers terribly with spinal stenosis, helping to relieve his pain and saving him from unnecessary surgery. Needless to say, I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Caroline Martin 

Warwickshire, July 2020

Two strangers recommended cranial osteopathy.  I had never heard of it before.  I am so glad I brought my baby to Jeremy as I had a different baby in a couple of weeks.  Thank you Jeremy! I would recommend you to any parents.


West Midlands

“I had been suffering from a lower back problem for a number of years, which was steadily getting worse. My back would go into spasm making me drop to the floor. It would then take a couple of weeks for it to settle down and for me to be able to move around properly. It was having a negative impact on my life as I was loosing time from work, was unable to sit comfily and had virtually stopped playing golf. The episodes were happening more frequently and I was in a lot of discomfort.

I found Jeremy through research on the Internet and the first session is probably the most value for money I have had. He diagnosed the cause of my problem identifying a short hamstring in my right leg and chest problems caused by shallow breathing. The corrective work included posture advice along with the correct exercises plus gentle manipulation. The results have been amazing. I haven’t had an episode for 8 months, can sit comfortably on long trips and am back playing golf. I am sometimes aware of the weak spot but am able to do the correct stretches that prevent a full episode.

The other thing that has impressed me about Jeremy is he is genuinely interested in people and the sessions are enjoyable.

Thank you so much for getting me back on track.”

Steve Wootton


“Being a professional athlete I have to depend heavily on medical professionals who are highly trained and experienced to keep my body working at it’s very best. I depend and trust Jeremy James and Associates to do just that. Every time I leave the practice feeling better but also knowing they care. “

Nicolette Fernandes

Professional Squash player – Highest World Ranking – 19

I see Jeremy once a month to keep me going as I have stiffness. He and the rest of the team are always professional and courteous. I have had a lot of help and support here and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my treatment, as I know and trust the people here to give me the best care.




West Midlands, March 2020

“I have been seeing Jeremy for over ten years and I don’t know what I would do without him.

Helen Reynolds


I would always recommend Jeremy and his team, they are brilliant! Having been referred quite a while back now, I wouldn’t go anywhere else and wouldn’t want to miss the healthy dose of Jeremy’s humour and funny stories. Jeremy always fixes my ongoing back problems, gives me exercises to make sure I keep flexible and pain free between appointments and even talked me into going to yoga which is not only making a noticeable difference but I’m also enjoying.

Sophie Masmoudi 

Solihull, September 2019.

I suffered with severe SPD during the course of both pregnancies.  Jeremy treated me throughout my second pregnancy and managed to keep me mobile and off crutches.  I would highly recommend him and his practice for anyone suffering with a similar condition.  They are extremely knowledgeable and really friendly with it.

Thanks Jeremy – you have been a life saver!!!

Adele Hayfield

Balsall Common, November 2019

“I’ve had really bad back pain recently. Jeremy got me moving again – he was reassuring and knowledgeable with great hands on techniques. I would recommend Solihull Osteopathic Practice to anyone”.

Dave M


I’ve been seeing Farah for nearly a year now and would definitely recommend her. I started seeing Farah during my pregnancy due to quite severe SPD and she worked miracles on me with her treatments, allowing me to have a more manageable pregnancy. I have continued to see Farah post my pregnancy and have really seen a difference in my body so far. Thank you Farah!


Solihull, March 2019

“I chose to come to Jeremy because he understands my condition EDS. The first thing he did was get to know me, do a thorough assessment including x-rays. This gave me confidence.

He then started to work with me giving me exercises to do at home and supporting me with pain management.

I have improved 100%. I will always need help due to my condition but for the first time I am getting a team around me that are making a difference to my quality of life. Jeremy is a key member of that team.

Jeremy has the gift of being able to work in partnership with me and other professionals that work with me, I cannot recommend him highly enough. P.S. He also makes me laugh!”

Fiona Holmes


Jeremy is my miracle man, without him I really don’t believe I would be mobile. He has helped so much over several years. If ever he has to be away, I have confidence in the others who practice here.
Sue Dyke 

Solihull, April 2019

“Having been living the last decade with back pain, seeing different therapists and even having cartilage injections I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this was as good as things were ever likely to be. I had decided to just get on with things when someone I trusted and respected persuaded me to see Jeremy. I expected to go down the same path as the other therapists had, however Jeremy’s approach was so completely different, seeing my problem with almost x-ray vision. He understood the underlying issues and started treatment so differently to how the others had before I was keen to see where we were going. Each session he treats a different area, always aware of what he did last time. His genuine keenness to help has given me hope that there may come a time when pain is not the norm. Many thanks Jeremy.”

Mark Cain


 The treatment I have received from Steph has improved my condition considerably. She has listened carefully to my problems, analysed the situation, explained what the issues are and what she will do to improve my condition. Add to this a very friendly disposition, it makes for a very pleasant experience.

Solihull, February 2020

Quite simply :- My life has been transformed!    I was recommended to try Solihull Osteopathic Practice as I was limping from having constant pain in my legs and back, due to a back condition.

Jeremy manipulated my movements and after just a few sessions, I am out of constant pain and discomfort.

By combining his expertise with exercises at home I have progressed beyond anything I could have hoped for.

He took a full medical history initially and has been the upmost professional, respectful and honest.



My friend recommended Farah after suffering from lower back pain.  Since having sessions with Farah I have gained so much more movement in my back and feel like the pain is finally going.  I would definitely recommend Farah to my friends and family.
Maria Pegg


Since coming to the practice and seeing Farah for my monthly MOT I feel a better person in myself.  Farah is very professional and a lovely person to talk to.

Roger Evans


Sam is always sympathetic, listens is kind & reassuring. He always explains treatment. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Mrs M Jones

Acocks Green

A very effective form of treatment which gave relief from debilitating back injury.  Many thanks for the most efficient and caring session.

Vic Lloyd


“I have had problems with my back, on and off for many years. Two years ago I had a flare up and was in constant nagging pain in my lower back and down one leg. I found Farah on the internet. She was able to give me an appointment in a few days and was warm, welcoming and reassuring. Although the news that it would take 6 months to completely recover was not good, it was completely accurate on all the stages of recovery Farah told me I would go through. Each appointment I had found immediate relief and improved flexibility. All the advice she gave me proved helpful. I look forward to my appointments because I have confidence in Farah’s Skills, She makes me feel relaxed and I always come out feeling better.”

Diane Taylor


“Having had serious SPD with my first pregnancy I began to see Jeremy early on in second pregnancy (about 14 weeks), keen to try and alleviate the pain which has already begun. I can honestly say that regular visits to Jeremy have transformed my experience of pregnancy. I fully expected the SPD to be worse with this pregnancy, as is typical, but he has been able to treat the pelvic pain and halt the onset of increased pain and discomfort. I could hardly walk without tears in my first pregnancy (from about 20 weeks) and I was tentative of all movement and activity and extremely fearful about the birth. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and able to keep active and busy and I feel far more optimistic about the weeks ahead and the birth. I have virtually no limitation of movement and although still have occasional aches and pains I no longer warrant the diagnosis of SPD! I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing Jeremy during pregnancy, who has been both understanding and insightful throughout, and feel that down to his work alone I have had a remarkably different pregnancy second time around.”

Ali Mackenzie

Selly Oak

I come to see Farah as she was recommended, I came as I was suffering lower back pain.  I have had weekly / fortnightly treatments and along with general stretching exercises the treatments are really helping.  Farah is very good and clearly explains everything she is doing.

Gail Hadley


I was recommended to the practice and have been treated by Farah for hip and neck pain.  She has helped me greatly and is very knowledgeable and friendly.  I recommend the practice to family and friends regularly.
Rachel Beesley

Balsall Common

A member of my family has used the practice before and was very happy with treatment.

The treatment I have received has helped an awful lot and I will definitely return for treatment in the future. Thank you for your help.



Could not recommend Jeremy and his team highly enough. Very thorough with their treatment. They do not just treat the symptoms but on ways to improve the overall movement in the body which is a sign of a very good osteopath. 10/10. Great place.

Paul Coll

Professional Squash Player – Ranked no. 2 in the world

December 2021

I was very impressed with everything at the Solihull Osteopathic Practice. As a former professional squash player I have been treated by some of the best doctors, physios and osteopaths and I can honestly say that Jeremy is as good as anyone I have met.

Jonathan Kemp

December 2021

If you are looking for an osteopathic service that offers exceptional service and experience, look no further! This practice offers exemplary and empathetic service from start to finish. After a treatment you will come out a little taller and feeling a whole lot brighter. Highly recommended.

Jane Allen

October 2021

Cannot recommend highly enough. After 9 months of struggling with chronic lower back pain & spasms I can now move freely. Had visited other practices with no success and Jeremy was my last try, recommended by a friend. After about five visits I have experienced a massive improvement. Now have to do my homework exercises and keep on top of it. Thanks Solihull Osteo and team.

Rachel Hands

April 2021

Absolutely amazing, Jeremy made such a difference to our little boy, for the better. Always so positive even when our little boy was screaming his head off. Very honest and very helpful

Lyns Pez

March 2021

 I badly fractured my ankle in 2002 and had plates put in. I wanted to start playing football again so had the plates removed but my ankle just wasn’t right so I never kicked a ball for 6 years. When I got to 30 I decided I need to play again before it’s too late and for a few years I played and my ankle seemed fine. Then last year I sprained my ankle again but ever since I started back I’ve been in bad pain with it. I would wake up the day after a game and collapse because my ankle would just give way. I thought I was gonna have to pack up playing but then I’d heard about Jeremy and decided this was my last chance to keep playing. After the first session the flexibility in my bad ankle was non existent. Jeremy did what he did and gave me exercises to do. I can honestly say after that first session I walked out feeling like I had a new ankle. That weekend I played and the morning after my ankle was sore but nowhere near as bad as it had been. I’ve stuck to what he has told me to do and after 3 sessions the movement is almost where it should be. I no longer collapse and I feel confident that I can continue playing for a few more years now.
I can’t pay enough compliments to Jeremy for what he has achieved after only 3 sessions BUT he’s not a magician. If you don’t do the work he tells you to at home then it won’t get better. So if you have any problems go see him and do what he tells you and you will be amazed. He also helped me out with my daughter who was struggling to sleep. After 3 sessions with him she now sleeps all the way through the night.

Thank you for what you have done.

Dale Catley 

Birmingham, October 2020

“I spotted an article promoting a new osteopath in Solihull. I’d had a particularly sore day and thought it couldn’t hurt (any more) to arrange an appointment. That was 2 months ago, and queue FANFARE – we have a winner! Patient analysis, clear explanation, a range of techniques including stretches, manipulation, massage, re-adjustments and even acupuncture (optional but very effective) followed by a clear list of exercises to help accelerate the rehabilitation. The difference is marked and impressive. I have more flexibility and more importantly much less pain, and the saving grace of more sleep.

If you suffer from a bad back, or other joint pain or discomfort, and it’s affecting your wellbeing in any way, change your routine and try some decent treatment. I whole-heartedly recommend that you give osteopathy a go and make the effort to visit Jeremy James at Solihull Osteopathic Practice. He demonstrates a genuine and serious interest in getting you fixed and gives you confidence that a positive and lasting change can be made. Not to mention a full 30 minutes of treatment per visit making it decent value for money. So head over to Solihull and get yourself a better back.”

Guy Fathers


I am a complete Osteopathy convert, I was recommended Solihull Osteopathic Practice about a year ago but as I lead an active lifestyle and I’m a regular gym goer I didn’t think it would be of benefit and the pains I suffered I had pretty much accepted as what I had to deal with.
On arrival you are greeted by the lovely receptionists I have met Donna and Fiona both of which made me feel at ease straight away and also Monty is adorable! You feel relaxed very quickly.
Well… after visiting now for 4 treatment sessions I have a new respect and understanding for my body and how it works.
I see Jeremy who is extremely skilled at pinpointing what I would term “pain epicentres” managing to understand my rambled attempts at explanations of where I feel the pain is coming from, then he is able through palpation, to find the exact trigger point. After living with knee pain since childhood, to finally understand where the pain is actually coming from (Jeremy explained a misformation of my hip) this was clarity for the first time in my life regarding this issue, of which doctors had previously misdiagnosed.
Tantamount to this I’ve received treatment by way of deep massage and manipulation for TMJ disorder and ongoing neck pain, as well as, calf and ankle treatment down to my toes!
Ask plenty of questions when you visit you get many answers as to how your individual anatomy works and advice on the effects of stress, emotions, sleep patterns and even how the way we breathe effects our daily life!
Treatment and instruction on at home daily exercises and breathing techniques has improved my overall health tremendously, I have recommended many friends and family to Solihull Osteopathic Practice, of which many have booked appointments for their complaints, I would recommend them to anyone.
I have literally been fixed head to toe!

Rosie Marshall

Solihull, February 2020

My husband and I now live in mid wales and run a caravan and camping site. We are in our early sixties and without Jeremys expertise we could not live our dream, it’s physical and active. He keeps us going and we think nothing of travelling 2 hours for treatment.

Thanks Jeremy.

S. Broadhurst

Wales, August 2020  

I have attended Solihull Osteopathic Practice for a couple of years to have maintenance on my back. I started seeing Steph early 2019 and I always leave the practice feeling relief form the work she does on my back and can continue my job with some ease. She is always a good listener too, a asset to the practice!


Solihull, March 2020

“After Nearly 20 years of back pain, with regular crises requiring heavy pain killers, I was recommended Jeremy and thank goodness! He identified the problems immediately and his analysis of the issues made total sense. After just a few sessions and diligently doing the daily exercises he set me, the transformation was extraordinary. The pain is gone, the flexibility has improved enormously and I’m confident that it will keep improving. Thank you”

Hayley Mckenzie


I have been visiting Solihull Osteopathic Practice for more than 4 years and I have had fabulous experiences and treatment with Farah and can highly recommend her. She has helped treat a number of my ailments and helps maintain the improvements with regular visits.

Amy Fowler


“I have had low back pains, sciatica and sacroiliac pain for years. The symptoms had a big impact on my quality of life and sleep. Physiotherapy had a limited effect and overall i felt very disappointed and resigned to a life of pain and limited activity.

I December 2014 I was fortunate enough to be advised by my Pilates teacher to see Jeremy. After less than 3 months treatment there has been a huge improvement in my symptoms. Jeremy’s active treatment combined with the exercises he recommended have resonated my 60’s looking far more ‘active’ than my 50’s were! I am a retired GP and Jeremy’s diagnostic skills are excellent, far better than most GP’s! Thank you!



“I’d been having back pain for years. Now I’m much more active and feel so much better since I have been seeing Jeremy. I had a superb diagnosis, treatment and exercises to help maintain progress. There’s also a highly efficient reception team – osteopathy really works for me and Jeremy is an outstanding osteopath”.



OMG- literally where do I start with Solihull Osteopathic Practise- Jeremy James has magical hands, a gift for treating people with conditions, aches, pains or injuries.

Jeremy is one of the main reasons I can still walk, exercise & enjoy a better quality of life. In the 9 years of being treated-
I could not positively recommend any other practise to help. Solihull osteopathic practise is such a special group of practitioners.
Thank you.
James Hogg

Balsall Common, July 2020 

I started having treatment from Jeremy about 25 years ago after a neck injury. I had very limited movement from side to side and stiffness. He freed it up so I could actually reverse of my drive safely!!!

I now come monthly for maintenance and I would find it difficult to manage without it. I get first class treatment in nice surroundings with a very friendly atmosphere.


Solihull, March 2020

“Having suffered with lower back pain for a couple of months, I finally decided to seek professional advice/help, and contacted Jeremy. After only one treatment I felt considerably better and now, after just three treatments, am no longer in constant pain – I don’t know why I waited so long before seeing Jeremy.”

Carolyn Ingram


I chose Solihull Osteopathic Practice on a referral from a work colleague over 2 years ago. Farah has done and continues to do wonders for my back.  I have no regrets in choosing Solihull Osteopathic Practice & easily recommend to friends. Farah is a joy to be around and very conscientious.
Una McCann Lyons

Great Barr

“Jeremy has successfully treated my back and neck for the last 8 years. Last April I joyfully gave birth to fraternal twins via emergency C-section. Whilst waiting for my own appointment following the birth, I read a leaflet regarding baby cranial osteopathy. The leaflet described the symptoms and difficulties my one twin was experiencing, which was causing great stress for me and consequently frustrating for him. Having chatted with Jeremy regarding my concerns I brought T in for an initial assessment. Following the assessment, we had a course of three treatments over three consecutive weeks. In three very calm, relaxed and gentle treatments, T was almost oblivious whilst he played with his toys. He was a totally different baby and was so much happier and content, I was truly amazed and incredibly grateful to Jeremy. T continues to go from strength to strengths in his developments.

The baby cranial osteopathy was a real turning point for us during a very difficult and worrying time. I certainly highly recommend this type of treatment.”

Kathryn O’Grady


Jeremy is fantastic. I’ve been seeing him for over 2 years, but felt improved and more mobile in only a fraction of this time.

I underwent brain surgery 3 years ago, and saw Jeremy after these problems. A debilitating amount of bed rest had left me with issues including inbalance, inflexibility, left sided weakness and pain.

Jeremy has helped treat me holistically and help restore me to be independent, active and in a position to manage pain effectively.

Thank you Jeremy!

James Hogg

Balsall Common

I’ve been going to see Jeremy for a few years now and I can honestly say I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  I’ve been experiencing back problems for a few years and Jeremy always sorts my back out even after only 1 session, I would highly recommend Jeremy.

Fiona Coffey


As soon as I met Jenny I was at ease. She took a detailed history checking back with me she had correct details. She completed a thorough examination and explained the nature of my pain and how she would like to progress with my treatment.  Each time she checks with me for progress and if I’m comfortable throughout “hands on” treatment.  I have every confidence in her ability, she’s very experienced, has a gentle supportive manner and I felt the benefits immediately.

J Rymond 


“After damaging my right shoulder, it developed into a frozen shoulder with only 30% movement forwards and less sideways, and of very little use. Without treatment this is likely to have taken 18 months to recover. I have been having 2 sessions of treatment a week, including useful advice on hot/cold treatment and exercised to do at home. After 3 months the amount of movement started to increase, after 4 months and the arm was becoming useful again and now after 6 months I can do most things as before.”

David J Cheshire


Deciding to come to an osteopath was the best decision I ever made.  Visits to the doctor just kept recommending pain killers and it was great to find an approach that helped me get better rather than masking the problem.  I have recommended Farah to others and they too have been impressed.

J A Showell 


Jeremy has been supporting my athletes through assessment and advice on how their bodies are coping with the stresses and demands of training routines. He has an in-depth knowledge of the body’s mechanics which he uses very effectively, together with his extensive osteopathic expertise, to support each athlete in an individual manner.

Training a young developing athlete is a complex balance. Over many years, with Jeremy’s support, each athlete has experienced a vast improvement in their balance, posture and general coordination.

Thank you, Jeremy from me and my athletes.

Paul Harrison, Athletics coach, Level 4


Thank you, Farah, for the soft & gentle yet powerful work you have done.

Faye Hopkins 


“Just a brief illustration of the flexibility and diversity of this excellent Clinic.
I have been a patient of Jeremy James for the past two or three years having requested his professional help re: a range of muscular/ joint pains caused by a shortened Rugby career.
I am 68 years old and have previously had knee, neck and heart surgery!
At the request of my movement therapist I made an appointment with Jeremy following a newly experienced, recurring pain in my calf….I assumed this was muscular.
Jeremy went through my usual list of ailments and came to a surprising (for me) conclusion with regard to this calf pain. Following a thorough examination he came to the conclusion that this was not muscular but, in his opinion, was a vascular problem……… having discovered a weak pulse in foot and wrist!
He immediately wrote a letter to my GP who following receipt of this, insisted that I attend A and E at my local hospital immediately!
I did as requested and ‘to cut a long story short’, was referred to a Cardiac Consultant and have since had corrective procedures to restore the efficiency of my heart.
I have offered this document to the above, so that prospective patients can be sure that, at this Clinic staff are highly trained not only in Osteopathy but also to look out for the ‘unusual/unexpected’ and, above all are not afraid to back their own judgements by referring patients to other health professionals outside of the Osteopathic remit.”

Michael Ross ( Retd. Company Director, JP)

We chose this practice after looking online at great reviews. Our 18-month-old son was tight and struggling to walk but after the first session with Farah there was a dramatic change.

I’ve already recommended Solihull Osteopathic Practice to a friend and would definitely use again myself!

Wayne Marson

Acocks Green

“I have a neck alignment issues brought on by a trauma injury that I sustained many years ago. I take extra care in strengthening and caring for my neck nut occasionally I will seek some extra treatment with a professional.

Recently, I have been experiencing some mild vertigo in the morning and went to see Farah Khan at Solihull Osteopathic Practice for evaluation and treatment. My vertigo stopped after just one treatment as it was associated with my neck being out of alignment. Farah Khan was recommended to me some years ago by another trusted osteopath. I have found her treatments to be of great benefit to my physical well being and strength. I plan to continue this professional relationship in the future if a need arises as part of an ongoing health strategy

Tricia Hooper


Having a stressful job, I really appreciate being pulled back into shape, so I can keep on giving my best to my public duties.

Dame Caroline Spelman