Welcome to the brand new Solihull Osteopathic Practice’s website!  We’ve created a new design to cater for those patients who wish to access our website from their smartphone or tablet – it’s now really easy to navigate around the site and read all the information, and you can also click on the telephone number at the top of each page to call us directly to make an appointment!

But why should you choose Solihull Osteopathic Practice for your osteopathy treatment? Let us outline our core values for you:

Quality Service – all of our osteopaths and team members pride themselves on offering excellent standards of care and customer service. They will always respect the patient and go the extra mile to ensure that each patient has a highly personalised experience.

Trustworthy – our team understand that a patient can sometimes feel a little vulnerable when trying a new treatment, especially if they have been in pain or discomfort for some time. The team will therefore strive to create an environment of trust so that the patient can fully relax during their time at the practice.

Caring – our team of osteopaths have a desire to help and care for patients who may have been suffering from a particular condition for some time. The team are prepared to take the time to fully understand the patient’s concerns, and will take a full medical history in order to devise a holistic treatment to suit the individual.

Knowledge – Jeremy and the team are constantly learning new techniques and developments in order to expand their knowledge and skills. This continuous learning helps to benefit patients, as new methods can be put into practise where appropriate.

Passion – anyone who has visited our practice will get a feel for the friendly and energetic environment which is created by our motivated and passionate team members. This positive vibe can really help a patient on their road to recovery, and also makes a great working environment for all of our team members.

Community – the practice thrives on healthy internal communication between the osteopaths and the admin and management team. It also has strong links with the surrounding community, such as providing osteopathic treatment for a local Pentathlete, the Rob Owen Squash Academy and the Chris Ryder Squash Junior Academy.

If you are experiencing back pain, neuralgia, arthritis, a sports injury, sciatica or another physical condition, then you might find that osteopathy can help to treat the problem. As osteopaths we look to find the root cause of the problem, and you might find that a couple of sessions with our team could sort out aches and pains which you have put up with for years!

Give our friendly team a call on 0121 705 4499 to book an appointment.  Don’t forget to check our blog post on a regular basis as we discuss various conditions and how osteopathy can help people from all walks of life.