How osteopathy can help with shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a very common issue and can arise due to many different causes. At Solihull Osteopathic Practice we frequently treat patients suffering from shoulder strain. This can be a result of:

  • Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Acromioclavicular joint pain
Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis is the gradual development of stiffness in the shoulder capsule. It often occurs if you are recovering from a condition or medical procedure that prevents you from moving your arm.

Rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injury is an achiness in the shoulder, caused by overuse of the arm in overhead movements. This is commonly seen amongst those whose job or sport requires a lot of overhead motion.


Osteoarthritis is the progressive deterioration of cartilage in your joints at the end of bones. The breakdown of this cartilage can lead to swelling and joint pain.


Tendonitis in the shoulder is the inflammation of the rotator cuff or bicep tendon. This is often a result of sports injuries.

Acromioclavicular joint pain

Acromioclavicular joint pain is the inflammation of the joint between the clavicle and the acromion. This can develop due to repetitive strain on the joint.

When to see an Osteopath

If you are suffering with shoulder pain, or are struggling with any of these issues, then you might benefit from osteopathy. Osteopathy can treat shoulder strain through exercises to increase your range of motion as well as massage techniques. Stretches and exercises can also be used to reduce the tension on the joints and muscles.

At Solihull Osteopathic Practice, we pride ourselves on offering quality and professional support to help everyone who comes to us achieve optimal health. Our practice operates in a safe and clean environment, offering osteopathy techniques and a holistic approach to wellbeing, to deliver the best results we possibly can for you.

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