How Osteopathy Can Help Cervicogenic Headaches

All headache sufferers will know how disabling and agonising they can be. From extreme migraines, to pain behind the eyes, they can come in many shapes and sizes and at times be very disabling.

While it’s always recommended to see a doctor for any persistent headache, your trouble could be caused by something called cervicogenic headache, which can be helped by osteopathy.

What is a cervicogenic headache?

This refers to head pain that is from the bony structures or soft tissues in the neck. During certain movements, or through bad posture, force is applied to the joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves in the neck.

This can happen from an isolated event or gradually over time, and can cause tissue damage and pain. This pain can then be referred to other places, such as the forehead, around the eyes or the jawline, which results in a headache.

What are the symptoms?

-You can experience pain on one or both sides of the head

-A dull or piercing pain that starts at the back of the head and moves forward to the forehead

-Mild sensitivity to light and sound

-Headache with pain and stiffness in the neck

How can osteopathy help cervicogenic headaches?

As osteopaths, our work is centred on the idea that an individual’s wellbeing is based on how well their bones, ligaments and connective tissue function together. We use physical manipulation, stretching and massage with the aim of:

-Mobilising joints

-Relieving muscle tension

-Increasing tissue blood supply

-Promoting internal healing

As osteopaths, we treat cervicogenic headaches by focusing on manipulative techniques, such as manual spinal adjustments and manipulation of the neck and upper back. The aim of this is to improve cervical mobility and encourage better posture, which should help to remove the factors that contribute to your headaches.

At Solihull Osteopathic Practice, all of our osteopaths are trained to the highest standard in anatomy and physiology, which means we are expertly placed to help treat musculoskeletal disorders. We take a holistic approach to treatment and will always take a detailed case history before embarking on any treatment plan.

To start tackling your cervicogenic headaches today, or to speak to us about how osteopathy might help your overall health and wellbeing, please call: 0121 705 4499.