Osteopathy and Injury Prevention for Sportspeople

The summer may be coming to an end, but for sports enthusiasts who enjoy playing football, rugby, hockey and a host of other team sports, the season is only just beginning.

Although participation is always great fun and a perfect way to stay fit, there is always likely to be side-effects for the body, especially in high intensity sports and those with a lot of physical impact.

Sportsmen and sportswomen commonly enlist the help of a trained Osteopath to combat a wide range of injuries and complaints, including back and leg pain, hip problems and recurrent muscle injuries. This treatment is commonly approached in three key stages:



Before looking at the problem area an osteopath will work with a sportsperson to examine the posture and condition of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints across the body.

An osteopath will consider the strength and flexibility of these tissues and consider whether or not they are well adapted to the individual sportsperson and the sport they most commonly pursue.


Assessment and detection

By evaluating the relationship between the different tissues that combine to determine the structure of your body, an Osteopath can look to identify the areas where normal and abnormal function exist.

This process is vital in detecting patterns that may be developing into sites of stress, strain and injury, and enables your Osteopath to provide you with guidance and to propose treatment that will help to ease an injury and prevent future recurrences.



The mobility of the body is a highly important factor when it comes to the performance of any athlete, so Osteopaths use physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, relieve muscle tension, enhance the blood supply to tissues and help the body to heal.


Following treatment your and Osteopath will advise on how to look after the affected areas and maximise the effects of treatment and minimise the possibility of problem conditions recurring.


We’re proud to support sportspeople


We know how to look after athletes at every level and are very proud to support:

  • Paralympic high jumper and Silver medalist Jonathan Broom-Edwards
  • Chris Ryder squash academy for junior players
  • Rob Owen squash academy for aspiring professionals

If you need help with the treatment of sports injuries, please contact the friendly team at Jeremy James Osteopathy to find out how we can help.