Written by Georgie Nesbitt

Arthritis and Osteopathy

What is Arthritis?

There are many different types of arthritis – the most common being Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, affecting multiple joints across the body. It can be incredibly painful for people suffering with it as the joints become tender and swollen. Arthritis in all its forms does not have a specific cure but there some ways thar you can help to relieve the pain and reduce the suffering you are experiencing. One of these ways is through Osteopathy.

How can Osteopathy Help?

While there is not a cure for arthritis; regular Osteopath visits can be useful to help manage the symptoms caused by Arthritis, including joint pain, muscle pains, inflammation, and lack of mobility. One of our osteopaths will use a gentle manipulative and massage technique to ease the pain in the arthritic joint wherever it is on your body. Gently moving this joint will help to reduce joint stiffness and muscle tension, overall easing the discomfort you are experiencing.

As well as treatment in the room, one of our osteopaths will inform you of ways to ease the pain at home. This will include lifestyle changes to help improve the quality of our life. After an appointment in our clinic, you will receive some at-home stretches and exercises which will help to ease your stiffness. Our osteopaths will guide you through these and create a personalised plan specific for you and your body.

Treating arthritis:

Osteopathy, unlike other forms of practice, focuses on the body as a whole. This enables our osteopaths to get a better understanding of how your body works and pinpoint areas that are causing pain in other parts of the body.  Arthritis is uncurable, as previously mentioned, but visiting an Osteopath regularly allows for the body to relax and relieve pain.

Acupuncture + Arthritis:

All of our osteopaths are fully qualified in the art of acupuncture. Acupuncture uses microscopic needles inserted into the skin and muscle to help relieve tension and pain. While it cannot reverse the implications of arthritis acupuncture can certainly be used to relieve arthritic pain. Acupuncture stimulates chemicals in the body which help reduce swelling and inflammation – overall relieving the pain.

Symptoms of Arthritis:

Arthritis has many different symptoms, and these will depend on what form of arthritis you have. It is therefore incredibly important that you receive an accurate diagnosis from a health professional before trying to treat it. These are some common tell-tale signs that you are suffering from a form of arthritis.

  • Joint pain, tenderness, and stiffness
  • Inflammation in and around the joints
  • Restricted movements of the joints
  • Weakness and Muscle Wating

Here at Solihull Osteopathic Practice, we see lots of clients who have arthritic pain. To find out how we can help you manage your arthritis pain, please give our friendly team a call on 0121 705 4499 or book an appointment online.


Written by Georgie Nesbitt