Advice for Preventing Injuries in Cold Weather

Advice for Preventing Injuries in Cold Weather

During the colder seasons, wrapping up warm is key. If our bodies are unable to warm up and cool down comfortably or maintain their temperature, it can add extra strain. Explore our advice for preventing injuries in cold weather and how osteopathy treatment can help below.

Wrapping Up Warm

Keeping your body warm with season appropriate clothing can help to stop your body from straining. The colder weather can sometimes make our tissues feel stiffer as our body tries to maintain its temperature by reducing surface blood flow. 

In addition to a cosy jacket, wrapping up with a warm hat, scarf and earmuffs can stop the temptation to shrug your shoulders to keep your neck and ears warm. This constant shrugging can lead to neck tension and lower back pain.

Being careful to not strain your neck is especially important if you are currently working from home with improper posture while using computers and handheld devices.

Sports in Cold Weather

If you participate in winter sports, keeping warm is all the more important. Checking your equipment and ensuring you are wearing practical sportswear can help to prevent injuries in cold weather.

When your muscles and ligaments are vulnerable to the cold temperatures, they can feel tighter. Therefore, warming up with appropriate stretches before you begin your sports activities can help to prevent injuries such as muscle tears and strains in the cold weather.

How Osteopathy Can Help

Osteopathy is built on the philosophy that your body functions most efficiently when in alignment. Osteopaths work with your body to identify the source of pain using their highly developed sense of touch, before using osteopathic techniques to manipulate, massage or stretch the affected area.

If you were unable to prevent injuries during the cold weather and need help in relieving pain, reducing swelling or improving mobility, our team of osteopaths are here to help. We can help with a range of issues including, back and neck pain, shoulder strain, sports injuries, ankle and foot sprains, posture problems and more.

Preventing Injuries in Cold Weather

If osteopathy sounds like the right treatment for your injury, book an appointment with our team at Solihull Osteopathic Practice.