Written by Georgie Nesbitt

Osteopaths can effectively treat back pain

5 most common causes of back pain:

It is often not possible to detect what the exact cause for your back pain is but there are five main categories which will allude to the possible source of your issue. Your Osteopath will determine these potential causes in your initial consultation and treatment, where you will provide information on your pain and we will try to help you reduce the aggravation caused by it. Most back pain is known as non-specific (where there is no obvious cause) or mechanical (the pain originates from the joints, bones, or soft tissues in and around the spine).

The most common causes for lower back pain are these as followed:

Pulled muscle or tendon:

Heavy lifting or doing strenuous activities you are not used to can pull your muscles and tendons, causing you to feel pain in the lower-back area. It can also happen for no distinct reason and if left untreated can cause serious pain.

Inflammation and back pain:

Bad posture is often the root for inflammation in the lower back area, and the strain caused by bad posture increases tension in the muscles which in turn may cause a greater deal of pain. Improving your posture will reduce inflammation but there are also many other causes such as twisting, over-stretching, and standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Back pain caused by stress:

When you are stressed cortisol and adrenaline are released by the body, and these hormones typically cause an involuntary tightening of the muscles. This can often lead to tension all over the body, more specifically in the lower back region.

Arthritis and back pain

Arthritis is a structural + medical problem which can result in lower back pain. Osteoarthritis can cause problems through the joints, hip and lower back area. It can cause serious pain in the lower back but there are multiple ways that we can help treat and relieve this pain.

Disc injury and back pain:

Quite often people who have problems with their spinal discs experience sensations of pain and numbness along with tingling or weakness in other parts of their body.

Can Osteopaths help with back pain?

When people are searching for treatments for their lower and upper back pain more and more people are turning to Osteopathy. As opposed to western medicine, Osteopathy focuses on the body as a whole, rather than only looking at the targeted area. Osteopathy supplies a unique treatment for back pain using multiple techniques ranging from massage, spinal manipulation, and cranial osteopathy. Our osteopaths focus on the body’s muscles, tissues, and bones to provide our patients with the best results. Regardless of where your pain is in your back, there is countless evidence from our patients that Osteopathic treatment is effective, and they have returned to their normal lives pain free!

How can I prevent Back Pain?

It is difficult to completely prevent back pain, which is why we often recommend routinely visits to our clinic to ensure that your back remains pain-free. However, there are a few preventative techniques which will ease the stress and tension in your back. For example, our Osteopaths recommend doing regular back exercises and stretches as well as staying active by partaking in different forms of exercise (the NHS recommend doing AT LEAST 150 minutes of exercise per week). We also suggest that you should take care when lifting heavy objects and it is good to check your posture when using laptops, watching TV, and standing!

Chronic or acute back pain?

Back pain is categorised in two ways:

  • Acute pain, which starts suddenly and lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Chronic (long term pain), which develops over a long period and can last for months without any treatment.

Here at Solihull Osteopathic Practice we specialise in treatment for lower back pain, and this accounts for the most common complaint that we see. Many people do not know what to do when they are suffering from lower back pain, so please give us a call to find out what we can do to help you. Our telephone number is 0121 705 4499 or book online.